Silcon Project beyond the boundaries!

The Silcon Project is an incredible initiative that goes beyond mere geographical and cultural boundaries. It aims to promote peaceful solutions to conflict around the world through mediation and other collaborative efforts. The project also encourages individuals and organizations to take part in this noble endeavor and help make a difference in their respective communities.

As members of the Silcon Project, we believe that conflict resolution should be an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s at home, work, or in our communities, we can all play a significant role in promoting peace and harmony. We must embrace the core principles of conflict resolution, such as active listening, empathy, and cooperation, to bring positive changes to our world.

With this in mind, we have created an informative video that highlights the importance of conflict resolution and mediation. We urge you to watch this video carefully and share it with your family, friends, and colleagues. Let’s spread this critical message far and wide and become ambassadors of peace in our communities.

We invite you to join us in our mission to promote peaceful conflict resolution worldwide. Visit our Silcon Project Facebook page and stay updated on our activities and events. Together, we can create a world where conflicts are resolved peacefully.

Let’s take the first step towards a brighter and more peaceful future!


Silcon workshop in Italy – promoting dialogue in Civitanova Marche

ASP Paolo Ricci of Macerata is a public company offering different personal care services including socio-sanitary, rehabilitation, home care practices for the elderly. They also offer training programmes and carry out civic engagement projects and voluntary work initiatives for different target groups, from infants to adults with difficulties.

While meeting with TRAINING 2000, they discovered the need of experiencing the outcomes from SILCON project.

On the 24th of March and 19th of April we organized 2 separate workshops for a group of fifteen operator working in the organization, multi-age participants.  Two topics were implemented: multiple intelligence and non-verbal communication. By using the circle of Moore, local case studies were discussed to face “conflict resolution” at work with peers and also in the family.

The participants have appreciated both sessions with positive feedback during check out time. In this moment, they are planning a permanent training course for the employed/operators

We are interested in creating sustainability of our outcomes: website, MOODLE e-learnin platform and the GUIDE to Conflict resolution. All of them are easy to access!

We thank you all the participants to our workshops! Stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook page!

Last international meeting in Greece

The third and last transnational meeting of Silcon55+ took place in Athens, Greece, between the 2nd and 4th of April 2023.

The consortium gathered to discuss the final steps of the activities developed by the partnership and to summarize the project achievements in each of the participant countries.  

The partners worked for two days together in April in Greece. During this meeting partners intensely focused on the project management-related issues including communication and dissemination. You can watch the video here:

This included informing partners about the progress made, and also the discussion of the project outputs.  All the partners agreed that they had organized a satisfactory number of  National workshops.They agreed to disseminate the project in different ways, such as flyers, videos, local articles and meetings and to spread in social media and websites.

Each partner shares her/his view about the project ( Benefits and gains).
Training2000 explained how to use an E-learning course via the Moodle platform.
OIKO.POLI.S organized a workshop:” Movement and Improvisation on the connection of Relationships- Another Way to solve the Conflicts”.
It was an experiential workshop in movement and improvisation with a Dance Therapist as an animator. You can watch the video here:

Additionally, the agenda included not only workshops but also cultural activities. Oiko.poli.s organized a cultural Visit to Chalkida by Bus. It was a very good opportunity for people from different countries to communicate with each other, get to know each other, exchange ideas and agree on some common future activities.
 The last transnational meeting revealed that there is so much still to explore and develop and, as such, all partners understand that there is very good potential for future collaboration.
That can certainly be an enthusiastic opportunity to take SilCon a step further and to continue the work that has been carried out so far with a strong teamwork spirit.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow the project Facebook page!

The SILCON E-guide is ready!

The SILCON- Silvers locally engaged in conflict resolution is now ready!

We suggest reading this guide and encourage you to spend some time reflecting on conflicts and good communication.

How do you feel about them? What can you change for the better? Can you also encourage others to spend some time on reflecting on conflicts and healthy communication? Maybe create some discussion groups that meet on a regular basis?

Discover more on conflict resolution and get inspired by our good practices, click here.

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Second Transnational Meeting of Silcon Project in Italy

After the 1st Kickoff Meeting of Silcon“Silvers locally engaged in conflict resolution” project in Poland, partners met again on 17 and 18 October in Fano (Italy) during the second transnational project meeting.

During this second meeting, the italian host partner welcomed the participants sharing with them the agenda for the 3-days meeting. During the first day, all the partners discussed the current situation of the project, checking the next tasks. The staff focused on the organization of the next meetings with seniors that will be carry out in all 3 countries, finding common topics important to seniors.

In the next days, the partners worked on the preparation and deadlines for the e-guide (pdf file) and discussed the definition and implementation of the e-training (Moodle platform).

The future tasks were divided among the partners and the date for the next meeting in Greece was arranged. The meeting had been very useful for all the participants representing  a crucial moment for all the activities to be implemented and for all decisions to be taken on the future of Silcon project.

For further information and updated news also visit the Project Facebook Page at SilCon55+

Silcon First Transnational Project Meeting in Warsaw

“Silvers locally engaged in conflict resolution” project partners met for the first time in presence on 21 of June 2022 in Warsaw (Poland).

The hosting partner, Fundacja Wspierania Dialogu “Rozmawiajmy”, welcomed the partners (from Training2000_Italy and OIKO.POLIS_ Greece) and shared with them the Agenda of the meeting and the main objectives of the 2 days project meeting.

During the first day, partners focused on management and financial issues ( checking the GANTT chart, project management activities, monitoring of the budget and documents, reporting) in order to carry on all the project activities successfully. The partnership discussed and agreed the organization of the future meetings with the seniors. Meetings will be organised live and online in September to gather as much information as possible from participants.

In the afternoon, presentations and mini  workshops with the experts concerning Conflicts resolutions and dialogue – from the psychological point- were developed.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to a ” Dialogue session about Conflict resolution” organized and guided by the hosting partner concerning Common dialogue and discussion about conflicts. The partnership agreed on the fact that similar meetings will be held with seniors in September in order to better involve them in the discussion. In the afternoon the team visited the Place of Local Activities “Międzypokoleniowa Klubokawiarnia” as examples of active Warsaw and local good practice.

The meeting as well as the workshops had been very useful for all the participants representing  a crucial moment for all the activities to be implemented and for all decisions to be taken on the future of Silcon project.

For further information and updated news also visit the Project Facebook Page at SilCon55+

Project Background

Silvers locally engaged in conflict resolution” project is the reply for progressive problem of conflicts, misunderstanding and polarization in a society. Especially people of elder generations (55+) have little knowledge of conflict resolution.

They rarely had such education before and at the moment an educational offer is difficult to find. The project aims at encouraging local people and partners employees 55 + to improve their knowledge and skills for conflict resolution in local societies.